Conscious Creative Art Therapy Course


Life gets in the way sometimes and we as human beings need a rest from it all. Let this course help you get out of the rut and into a creative mode and let self-healing happen!!!
Enjoy creating art while you find your inner-self and happy place!!!



Welcome to Conscious Creative Therapy, a therapeutic creative course for everyone.

I am Susan van Zyl, owner of Art4Heart Art Studio. I opened my Studio in 2011 and have had countless happy moments to recall. I am also a teacher by profession and that has helped me understand my students better.

Welcome to the Conscious Creative Therapy Course

You will be entering this course with amazing benefits of finding

  • your happy place,
  • your true inner self and
  • your artistic hidden skills.
  • You will also be discovering your hidden talents as we go along.

In this course you will learn skills to

  • create freely,
  • with no fear of failure and
  • with passion and
  • you will find a place to lock up the depression and unhappiness in the art you create.


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