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Great Beginnings

The last 2 weeks flew by so quickly and I have met amazing people that popped in at the Gallery. I also had my gallery hanging system installed and it is amazing to see the artworks against the walls without hammering nails in.

The local artists that decided to have a go to use the gallery to promote their artworks have outdone themselves with the beautiful artworks submitted.

The artworks range from sea-scenes, to flowers, to sail-ships. The variety is refreshing and it is nice to hear the comments coming from the visitors, on colour, value, brushstrokes and texture

It is also so rewarding to have people coming in and not say a word, drinking in the beauty in front o them. That is so amazing that silence can also speak volumes!

This week I also got to hand out my last competition forms to both the elementary and High School. Hopefully all these forms will return to me handpicked, filed in and with a entry fee for the competitions.

Art4Heart Art shop is still shaping up in the background, but will gain traction soon.
I also had my first to sales today! I made a happy dance and smiled from ear to ear.

Pencil drawing

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