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New year, new things!!

This year started with an exclamation mark! Wow!!! and we are nearly at the end of the first month of the year!!! Time waits for nobody!!!

We started with the elements of Art – Lines in particular with the Elementary school and with the Adults and High Schoolers we started with upside down drawing.

Some students are still working on their project of last year, but is nearly finished.

We are blessed with students with immense talent! I stand in awe every day and am so thankful for them using their talent as it needs to be used.

Welcome to al the new students, May your time with Art4Heart be blessed and productive!!!

Online shop is busy being set up Watch this space!!!!
We will have:

Art Online Lessons

  • Basic (Student)
  • Moderate (semi professional)
  • Professional
  • Children 4- 6 Packet
  • Children 7- 12 Packet

Art Sets Materials

  • Basic Packet
  • Normal Packet
  • Premium Packet

Art Therapy Sets

  • Depression Packet
  • Anxiety Packet
  • Self-esteem Packet
  • And Lots more….
  • etc etc etc etc

Subscription Sets

Art Subscription Box – monthly

  • Art materials needed to do an art project
  • Art project with step by step instructions
  • PDF on materials and usages

Art subscription premium – monthly

  • Critique of 1 art project
  • PDF filled with tips and techniques on Art
  • PDF discussing/reviewing Art Materials
  • PDF with Art of Art Masters
  • 1 high resolution reference photo for free

Christian subscription box – monthly

  • Devotion Card
  • 2 playing cards with Spiritual verse and picture from 52 cards
  • Colouring Card
  • Art Materials to colour and shade
  • Gift 1
  • Gift 2
  • Sweet

etc, etc , etc

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